Scotch® Appliance 8916V Filament Tape

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Scotch Appliance 8916V Filament Tape

8916V filament tape from 3M™ is reinforced with high-strength glass filaments for use in appliances manufacturing and shipping

3M's Scotch appliance 8916V filament tape is high-performance, appliance-grade tape reinforced with continuous high-strength glass filaments and designed to secure and hold appliance parts together during manufacturing and throughout the shipping cycle. 3M's Scotchpro™ backing provides proper stiffness for ease of application and excellent abrasion, moisture, and scuff resistance. This backing is specifically formulated to provide high-adhesion, clean removal, and stain resistance on most surfaces.

  • Adhesive offers clean removal and stain resistance on most finishes
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive bonds easily to most fiberboard, plastics, and metal surfaces
  • High-tensile strength and resists nicks, abrasion, and moisture 
  • Glass yarn filaments add strength for box closing, bundling, and more
  • Withstands rough shipping and handling conditions
  • Temporary holding and attachment applications