100mA opto-triacs for 120, 240 and 380Vac

Vishay 100mA opto-triacs for 120, 240 and 380Vac

Applications include controlling small loads and triggering large triacs – in solid-state relays, for example.

They come two forms:

  • VOT8025A with zero-voltage crossing circuit (ZCC) for EMI reduction without the need for external snubber networks.
  • VOT8125A without ZCC  for switching regardless of phase position within the mains cycle.

Logic can be used to operate the devices as 5mA input current is sufficient for triggering (50mA max), and the maximum forward drop of the GaAs LED is 1.4V at 20mA.

800V blocking and a dV/dt of 1000V/μs gives them robustness, voltage headroom and noise isolation suited to home appliances and industrial equipment, according to Vishay. They “isolate low voltage logic from 120, 240, and 380Vac lines to control resistive, inductive, or capacitive loads, including motors, solenoids, high current thyristors, or triacs and relays.”

Withstanding isolation voltage is at least 5kVrms, and the skipped-pin packages aids voltage performance.

Approvals include: UL 1577, cUL, DIN EN 60747-5-5 (VDE 0884-5 available with option ‘V’) and CQC.

Package Device
with ZCC
DIP-6 400mil VOT8025AG
VOT8125A DIP-6 VOT8125AD
DIP-6 400mil VOT8125AG

Applications are foreseen in three-phase air conditioners, boilers, thermostats, motor controls, power line switches, lamps and valves.