Maxim security devices for medical disposables now at Mouser

Maxim security devices for medical disposables now at Mouser

The devices are also suitable for IoT node authentication and secure management of limited-use consumables.

Offering both contact and contactless authentication solutions, Maxim’s security devices rely on challenge-response protocols to establish the identity of a device.

The secure authenticators offer integration into embedded designs, helping to meet the requirements for unique device identification as established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Maxim’s DS28C36 and DS28E36 DeepCover secure authenticators feature cryptographic tools derived from integrated symmetric and asymmetric security functions.

The DS28E38 DeepCover secure authenticator is an ECDSA public key-based device, and features Maxim’s ChipDNA physically unclonable function technology, designed to prevent invasive physical attacks. The DS28E83 DeepCover 1-Wire authenticator offers radiation resistance, enabling user programmable manufacturing or calibration data prior to medical sterilization.