Printing a case for Raspberry Pi 4

I was going to chase it around the desk uncovered, and then I though I would design one and 3d print it – I was thinking of something with the board on its side and a chimney to help cause a breeze. As I have never seen a pc case with a chimney, I suspect I was setting myself up for failure….

Anyway, then it it occurred to me that some kind soul might have already contributed one, probably without a chimney, to Thingiverse, and it transpires that several folk have been generous.

Malolo-RasPi-4-case-Thing3723561Almost arbitrarily I have chosen a design by Malolo. This contributor has actually uploaded a whole bunch of mix-and-match parts that can produce, for example, a most wonderful-looking one where the Raspberry Pi logo is the case vent (image left). However, as I only have black filament, I chose one with lots of hex holes in the top and bottom surfaces to allow as much heat as possible to escape.

BigJeffray-RasPi-4-case-Thing3726254BTW, several contributors are offering cases with 30mm or 40mm fans. This one by Bigjeffrey (right) adds a 30mm x 7mm fan to one of Malolo’s plainer designs and, according to Bigjeffrey, “Raspberry 4B 4Gbyte is heating up to ~62°C in idle without a housing. By adding a 30mm 5V fan, I was able to reduce its idle Temp. to ~42°C without using an additional heatsink”.

Malolo-Raspberry-Pi-4-caseSome time later – the completed case with stand. Surface finish is not great as it is printed in PETg for heat-resistance, and hot (240°C) for strength. It would look a lot nicer – matt rather than oily – in PLA printed at 195°C, and maybe in colour other than black.

I am still getting a lot of thick strings with PETg, although none with PLA – despite the hot PETg profile passing the bartoaster/Loohney stringing test with flying colours.

Hopefully, the postman is delivering the Raspberry Pi to go inside as I type.

Hats off to Malolo’s creative talent.

And, excuse my awful photos – phone camera, poor light, black object…