RS Components offers Renesas power modules for servers

The modules deliver 10A or 15A continuous current at PoL and combine a pwm controller, inductor and mosfets to deliver what is claimed to be the highest power density of an encapsulated module in their class in these space-sensitive applications.

All modules in the family are pin-to-pin compatible for the appropriate current rating and the level of PMBus capability to be used without requiring PCB layout modifications.

Two, the ISL8280M and ISL8282M have an additional digital PMBus v1.3 interface, in addition to the analogue interface.  The ISL8210M and ISL8212M analogue-loop modules offer a higher power density, expanded feature set via pin-strappable settings, and lower cost when compared to previous power modules from Renesas, adds the distributor.

In addition to operation from a single 4.5 to 16.5V wide-input power rail, the modules offer selectable light-load mode (PFM), efficiency up to a peak of 95% and low thermal resistance; for the majority of applications, a heatsink is not required for full power operation, says the company.

All modules in the family use the proprietary R4 high-speed control loop technology to eliminate compensation components via a stable control loop. They are also claimed to deliver best-in-class fast transient response across the load and input voltage. The digital PMBus interface modules can optimise the control loop to override pin-strap settings, and provide what the company describes as “extensive telemetry”.

The modules are shipping now in compact and thermally enhanced 12mm x 11mm x 5.3mm Grid HDA (high density array) packages.

There are four development boards to support evaluation of each of the devices.