Raspberry Pi-based Home Cam Kit


HKCam needs a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a power supply, the official Raspberry Pi camera module, a microSD card, and the 3D printed housing.

If you dont have a 3D printer, the HKCam’s developer, Matt Hochgatterer, will print an enclosure for a small fee.

HKCam enclosure
The HKCam enclosure

The whole assembly snaps together and then will be accessible through the iOS Home app.

Hochgatterer provides a near ready-to-go Raspbian disk image to write to the SD card that runs a modified version of HomeBridge.

The 3D printed enclosure will prop the camera up or allow it to be mounted to a wall.

Hochgatterer is the developer behind the Home 3 iOS app.

HKCam enclosure

Hochgatterer has laid out all the steps on his website and accompanying Github page to get users up and running quickly after obtaining the parts.

A  Raspberry Pi Zero W, a Raspberry Pi camera module, and a microSD card are all obtainable from  Amazon.