Satellite team promotes women’s STEM – the Kyrgyz space programme

Satellite team promotes women's STEM - the Kyrgyz space program (Patreon)

Why all-female?

According to its Patreon page:

We are running a school of satellite-building for girls from Kyrgyzstan…  ….because we are tired of discrimination against women in Kyrgyzstan. This way we want to prove to the whole world that girls can create anything they want. This might sound obvious to you, but unfortunately there are still too many people who don’t believe this.

The aim is to create a cubesat (although this might now be based on a ‘Tubesat’a kit+launch proprietary product from Interorbital.

Kyrgyz space program is the creation of, and shares an office with the Kloop Media Foundation, and it looks like a large part of its remit is to interest school-age women in electronics.

The TubeSat format, according to Interorbital, has three-quarters the mass and nearly the same volume as a CubeSat. Rather than having a chassis, it is assembled from a set of PCBs.

The kit includes Gerber files for the PCBs, solar cells, batteries, a transceiver, antennas, an Arduino microcontroller, plus a space for the builders application or experiment.

Brazillian students from the Tancredo Middle School already have a TubeSat in orbit, said Interorbital.

Image copied from this Kyrgyz space programme Patreon page.

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