UK made: vented sensor enclosures


Manufactured from ABS, and called the BCS Series, there are different models.

Three measure 80 x 80 x 21mm and are made in ABS HB.

  • BCS30W is a white sensor case with slots in two sides with PCB mounting points and pre-drilled wall mounting points.
  • BCS30B is the same, but black.
  • BCS30STW is a version of the white 30W, with a non-vented solid top.

Two are larger at 84 x 84 x 36mm and are made in ABS UL94 V-0.

  • BCS276W comes in two versions – wall mounting or desk mounting – and is off-white with internal PCB stand offs and a snap-fit top with vents on two sides. Alarm cases and gas sensors are foreseen applications.

Enclosures customisation is offered, with machining, punching, drilling and silk screen printing to suit individual applications.

Founded in 1972, BCL Enclosures is based in North Yorkshire and makes products in ABS, polycarbonate and other plastics. It has sold over 25 million enclosures to date, it said.