Return & Replacement

In most cases, Bom-Components will acceptmerchandise returns subject to the terms outlined in the following and willreplace the Product or refund your money at your option.

Tofacilitate processing of returned merchandise:

By returningany product to Bom-Components, you represent and warrant that the returnedproduct was purchased from Bom-Components, is not counterfeit or otherwisenon-conforming, and does not violate theBom-Components Counterfeit Policy. Youalso agree that Bom-Components may test any returned product to determine whethersuch product is counterfeit, non-conforming, or otherwise violates theseConditions of Order. In the event Bom-Components determines, in its solediscretion, that any returned product is counterfeit, non-conforming, orotherwise violates these Conditions of Order, Bom-Components may (i) report suchproblem to any applicable governmental or regulatory agency or any otherapplicable third party; (ii) quarantine such product for further testing orother analysis; and/or (iii) take such other actions as may be required orpermitted under applicable law.